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Interview with Six Six Sick

Christina, Nicollette and Tiffany are a trio of friends who throw a dance party called Six Six Sick every Tuesday night at Happy Ending in the Lower East Side. The three recently sat down with me for an interview on a stoop in Gramercy. We talked about their Friday night parties at Webster Hall, their Saturday night parties at the Tribeca Grand, their upcoming goth party at Le Royal in May, their blog, and the jewelry line Tiffany and Nicollette are working on. But mostly we talked about Happy Ending. We looked at a bunch of photos from Six Six Sick, and they tried to explain the den of iniquity they’ve created.

Arv: Was it a conscious decision that all three of you should be Asian? Like, was there a fourth friend who was white and wanted to get in, but you were all like, “Na, chill, you’re going to fuck up the vibe.”
Tiffany: It reduces the concept, c’mon.
Christina: I mean, we’re all friends.
Nicollette: It’s actually really weird because me and Christina never had Asian friends growing up in Florida, and then all of a sudden we move up to New York and our only friends are Asian. And then our one token friend Ashley, but–
Tiffany: She’s a quarter Japanese. But it’s the whole concept. I think we came up with it over dinner. We were just thinking, you know, we want to start this new party, what are we gonna do? Well, there’s three of us — Nicollette was in Florida at the time, so it was with our other friend, Feng Feng — we’re all Asian, we all kind of look alike and everyone gets us mixed up anyway, so why don’t we all just make the same outfit, wear it and just go with it.

It seems like people are constantly slobbering all over one another at your parties. What’s the most gratuitous thing you’ve seen at Six Six Sick?
Christina: Someone had a baby one night at our party.

Someone gave birth at the party?
Christina: No, they met and then they had a baby.

So it was conceived at the party?
Christina: Technically, in the bathroom.

So what’s the worst thing you’ve seen?
Tiffany: People have gotten naked and sucked each others’ dicks on the table.

Wait, sucked each others’ dicks at the same time?
Tiffany: Well, it was one guy at a time.
Nicollette: Remember when the guy was in a body bag at the bar?
Christina: He was rolled up in a carpet. He was along the bar on the floor waiting for people to step on him.

I was at a party a month ago, and there was a guy doing the same thing.
Christina: Really? Where was it?

At The Shank.
Nicollette: It’s a big S&M thing, containment.

These sex cubicles are pretty legit. I mean, they’re even tiled for easy clean-up. Did you guys have a hand in designing them, or do you just find the bodies to fill ‘em?
Tiffany: They are legit because [Happy Ending] used to be a brothel.
Christina: It used to be a Chinese massage parlor.

So these things were just there?
Christina: Yeah.
Tiffany: If you go into the front hall, you can see the security tape. They have them playing from when it was a brothel.

What exactly is happening here?
Christina: That’s me on the bottom.
Nicollette: That’s me dominating all.
Tiffany: That’s me on the very, very bottom.
Christina: I don’t know who that is, though.
Tiffany: I think my top came off, so I was trying to pull it up — and then all the cameras came.
Christina: That’s one of our signature dance moves: heel-on-chest.

It seems like party photographers are multiplying like vermin. There are two in this photo — and that’s not counting the person taking it. Soon, it’s gonna get to the point where more people are taking photos than dancing or drinking or having fun. What do you guys think of party photographers?
Tiffany: We like the ones we know, but some of them are just creepy. They probably have some kind of fetish thing.
Nicollette: It’s kind of scary because you never know where these photos are going to end up.
Christina: I used to pay attention to who it was, but now I feel like my photos could be anywhere.
Nicollette: From the party promoter point of view, it actually really helps ’cause everyone’s going to see those pictures.
Christina: I feel like there’s just a lot of SVA kids doing it now, like SVA freshmen.

Were you guys partying with one of your dads?
Nicollette: This is our gay uncle in the city.
Christina: We actually just did a long write-up about him. We’re going to do a series of interviews with him. He’s amazing.

So if he’s not your dad, who is he?
Christina: He is Benjamin Liu.
Nicollette: He’s actually the Six Six Sick fairy godfather.

One thing I love about Happy Ending is that the bouncers aren’t complete dicks; they’re actually pretty cool. Last time I was there, they stamped my friend on her tit and they were dancing with chicks. But at the end of the day, they still have a job to do — so have you seen them kick the shit out of someone?
Tiffany: No, but they’re like our official bodyguards. The thing is, Happy Ending doesn’t have a door policy, which is good and bad. It’s good because you’ll see circus midgets partying with Agyness Deyn. We have such a mixed crowd, and we let everybody in. But there’s douchebags also. People get in who shouldn’t be there, and when that happens, they’re quick to get on it.

What’s the worst confrontation you guys have seen?
Christina: Me and Feng Feng got into a fight one time. Feng Feng was so drunk, she started to fall asleep. She leaned over and hit this girl’s drink, and the girl freaked out. Feng Feng didn’t understand what was happening. She was just staring at her like, “What?” She got really mad.
Nicollette: And then we tried to kick out this girl, and her crew was with the guest DJ. It was kind of like Six Six Sick versus the guest DJ.
Christina: We try not to fight very much. We try to be ladies.

On Tuesday nights, there’s also a party going on upstairs at Happy Ending called Disco Down. Are the people who throw it your archenemies? You can take this moment to bad mouth the party, the promoters and even their loved ones.
Nicollette: We love one of the DJs up there, Jeremy. We love him. Sometimes I float up there ’cause he plays Depeche Mode, and the boys who play our party do not play Depeche Mode.

Do you guys have an ongoing competition to see which party can get crazier?
Christina: We’re Asians so we’re overachievers. We compete over anything.
Tiffany: We’re the reason why their party is good. Let’s be real.

Alright, last photograph and question: Whose ass is that?
Christina: Is that mine?
Tiffany: Yeah!

Originally published on Street Carnage.


  1. 66sick rock.  You’re an ugly dude, writer of this thing.  Condolences for your ‘about’ pic.

    • No apologies necessary; this ugly mug has seen me through a lot. Besides, it’s preferable to being the type of basement-dwelling troglodyte who anonymously comments on people’s looks online.


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