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How to Shoplift Like a Pro

“Jane” with her stolen copy of Street Boners (All photographs by Kathleen Ching)

Everyone nabs something now and then — a pack of smokes no one’s minding at a house party, a beer from a bodega when you’re already way too drunk, train fare from the MTA by jumping a turnstile. But routinely going into stores with dedicated loss-prevention teams and stealing expensive things for years without being caught, that takes skill.

Apparently my friend — let’s call her Jane — has that skill. She’s been seriously shoplifting for less than three years but doing it so regularly that she’s already amassed over $10,000 worth of stolen merchandise and all without being stopped by security even once.

I sat down with Jane to find out how she does it and what advice she has for kids new to the game. Being a girl, she only lifts clothes, shoes, makeup and other useless shit, so this won’t help you get a brand new flat screen for free. But Valentine’s Day is coming up, so maybe you can get your girlfriend something nice for once.

Rack of clothing, mostly stolen

Arv: When did you first start stealing stuff?

Jane: It wasn’t until I started working for Anthropologie, like maybe a year or so in. I just didn’t get paid shit, and I was there all the time, and, I dunno, I spent way too much money there. I just started taking stuff slowly, and I got really good at it. It wasn’t really until I moved here that I started stealing from other places.

Do you think you’re a klepto? Or do you take stuff you actually like?

I take stuff I actually like and I’ve also recently taken stuff that was really expensive that I could sell. I’ve never really stolen anything just to steal, it’s usually stuff I like. I probably don’t “need” any of this shit, but I steal things I want.

Where do you sell this stuff?

I would sell it at Buffalo Exchange and Beacon’s Closet. And then I just started selling stuff on eBay ‘cause I had like four dresses that I didn’t want and they’re really expensive. I also got fired from Beacon’s, so I just don’t want to fucking sell there anymore. And I made a lot more money on eBay. I sold something for $130 last week that was originally like $500, and then something for $80 the other day.

Top Shop, $450

Is it only stuff from places that you’ve worked?

No. Now I do it at places I understand, if I understand the system and I know what would set the alarm off. If I just feel comfortable, ‘cause I want to be smart about it. I don’t ever want to get caught. It’s stupid to not be careful about it.

What’re the factors you take into account?

Is there an alarm system by the door? What kind of security tags do they use? I always take off any kind of paper or any sort of tag on it because you never know. Like the Anthropologie tag, just those little cardboard ones, have sensors in them. You never know what has a sensor in it so it’s better to just take everything off. Like, feel it and know there’s nothing on there.

Is there special gear that you use, like wearing a large coat or using a large bag or making sure you bring scissors with you?

When I stole at Anthroplogie, I would wear baggy clothing to work and wear stuff under my clothes out because they would check your bag when you left. And then, when I stole from Uniqlo, I’d just shove it in my purse. And now since living here, I’ll sometimes wear a coat so I can conceal something in order to get it into the fitting room. But normally I need a big shopping bag and a purse, because it’s really easy to use shopping bags.

Where else do you usually steal from or have you in the past?

Top Shop. A lot. That’s where I got all the really expensive dresses. It was Kate Moss for Top Shop. I’ve stolen from some boutiques and some smaller stores, and that I felt bad about, because the whole thing with Anthropologie was like, I hate this place. It made me feel better, and that’s really why it started. It made me feel better to get that stuff for free because I didn’t think Anthropologie deserved my money and I just didn’t have respect for the company.

Urban Outfitters, $400

When you go out to steal something, will you also buy something? Like put a bunch of stuff in your bag and then go to the register with one really cheap thing?

I’ve considered doing that before, but then I was thinking, if someone is suspecting me, I should just get the fuck out of there rather than standing in line just to buy something. They’re still going to think something’s shady.

Are there ground rules you follow every time you go out? Or do you figure it out on the spot, like what you should do, what you should take?

If I go into a place like Urban Outfitters and there’s not a lot of shoppers and there’s a ton of employees, that kind of freaks me out. ‘Cause my whole system is I go in, I pick out a bunch of things and, if I can — at Urban they count them out but at Top Shop they ask, so you just lie and tell them you have a lower amount — if I can conceal stuff just so that my number is lower, in case I came out and they wanted to match up numbers. But normally, I remove the tags in the fitting room and stuff it in my bag and on my person, then bunch all the hangers up, put double hangers on dresses and just make it look normal, and if they ask me, just say I’m thinking about it. And then put them all away either fast or while I’m still shopping around and then leave. But if no one’s in there shopping, they’re like, “This girl’s tried on all this stuff and then went and put each and every single one back?” And also, I’ll get a big coat to try on to put all the tags and stuff in and put that back on the floor. So if they did think I was weird and went and checked that coat, then they’d know what was up.

Top Shop, $350

What’re the easiest places to steal from?

Um, Urban’s tags are really really easy to get off. But they pay more attention in the fitting rooms, so that’s kind of annoying. It really just depends. Top Shop is really easy when it’s busy just ‘cause nobody’s looking at you.

But my friend who works at Urban eats for free at Dean & Deluca every day. He just steals his lunch every day from Dean & Deluca. I’ve done it a couple of times.

From the same Dean & Deluca?

Yeah, the same one. So they really don’t give a fuck. He gets a drink, sushi.

Does he just walk out with it?

He walks in with his coat over his arm, picks it up and then walks back out.

When you said tag, do you mean the paper tags? What happens if you come across a metal contraption?

Yeah, there’s the hard tag where there’s a pin and a big piece of plastic, and the pin goes into the plastic and locks. Working at Anthropologie for a long time, there’s a big magnet glued to the desk and you’d remove the sensors with that…. So I was like, I need a really big magnet.

Now I was like, I’m getting kind of crazy, I don’t know if I should do this. But I was like fuck it, I want a big magnet. So I ordered a big magnet on eBay. I did a little bit of research to make sure that it would be strong enough and it finally got here and I took it out. I took it to Top Shop first and it was really hard with theirs. I can’t even get it out sometimes. But I’ve gotten most of the stuff I’ve tried to steal from there.

Magnet used to remove sensors from clothing

With the magnet?

With the magnet. But a lot of their stuff isn’t tagged too. I think they just get lazy when they’re putting it back on the floor or something because I found a lot of stuff without tags there too, so that makes it a little easier.

What were you looking for when you found the magnet? Like, what specifications does the magnet have to be?

I saw a YouTube video. I could only find one video of someone doing it. ‘Cause there’s all these instructional videos on YouTube on how to get magnets off and they’re all really stupid and long and boring, and then this guy just threw it against the magnet and it popped off. And I was like, I need that one! So I think somewhere in the comments on it someone mentioned what kind of magnet you would need. So I looked it up. [Author’s Note: Jane later explained her magnet was grade N52.] At Top Shop, I have to work it until I get it a little out and then just pull it until it pops, which is annoying.

So what do you do if you leave the fitting room and, let’s say you already have something in your bag, but you know guards are on to you?

Without beelining it to the door like you’re guilty and you know they’re on to you, just slowly and as casually as possible get out of there. Don’t give them a chance to come up and talk to you. The second you feel weird or uncomfortable or someone’s looking at you, you want to get out of there. Keep your head down. If you have headphones, that’s even better. Put your headphones on so it seems like you’re not even paying attention because if you do set the door off, they’ll be like — some places don’t even care; Uniqlo won’t stop anyone if the door goes off — but at Anthropologie they’re really serious about it. And Top Shop has a guard, although he seems really lazy to me. But at Anthropologie the guys take it really, really seriously. Having worked at one here, I know that they have different bosses and their job is to make sure that they stop you. But if the door goes off, you have to keep walking. Don’t stop, don’t pause, don’t look back. If you don’t have headphones on and you keep walking without even reacting at all, they’ll know you stole something just because any normal person would at least be like, “Uh?” But the second you’re out the door, they can’t go out there. I mean, they can come out and yell at you and tell you to come back in and stuff, but they can’t physically touch you and bring you back in the store.

Is that a legal issue?

It’s assault, I think. I know that’s how it is in Massachusetts and I’m pretty sure it’d be the same here. They’re not bouncers, they can’t run out and tackle you to the ground or arrest you on the spot. Although I did see one girl with bad timing: She ran out and there was a cop just driving really slow by. But under all other circumstances, if you set the door off, keep walking and act completely oblivious. Don’t run, just walk away and get out of sight.

Urban Outfitters, $298

What are some pro-tips for people who just started stealing?

There could be a tag on everything. So many people get busted at Urban because it doesn’t occur to them that those papers, those white cardboard things are an alarm. So be aware of everything that’s on it. And be really really really careful. Start small. And just be aware of your surroundings. And know, most importantly, know that you just need to get out of there. Never stop, never make an excuse, never give anyone the chance to confront you.

Originally published by (and subsequently removed from) Street Carnage and Platform.


  1. Such parasitic behavior.

  2. Was it really a good idea to put all of your “writing” in one place.  Your camouflage doesn’t work in this kind of environment, bro.

  3. a question. once the security tags are removed where does “jane” dispose of it in the store? or do the tags have no effect after it has been seperated?

    • This is late, but you could just pretend to look at jeans and put it in the pockets.

    • The sensor still works bc the micro chip is still in tact. The small plastic piece just connects to the bigger one so its attached to the clothing. You’d have to brake open the bigger piece and take out the sensor for it not to work. Just popping the tag and disposing of it in the store under a cushion or in other clothing works. I also find that bottle openers work to either pull out the pin completely or enough for you to pull it out.

    • you usally hide them in another bit of clothing

    • You must dispose of them before you leave the store, the alarm is still going to be sensed whether the tag is on or off the clothing!!

    • Im going to say somthing, thats a good question….but im going to mention the magnets first all devices used to take off security devices are 2 magnets they are reversible and the ones you have to watch out for are the spider webs thos are usualy found on tv boxes and expensive shit if u are able to unlock it put it back together within 30 seconds or it will go off and they are loud not to mention fuckin embarrasing. Good luck everyone.

  4. this is really terrible that you would do something like this. it hurts employee’s jobs when customers steal. people who steal are so selfish to think about how their actions effect others. i really hope you get caught and then have to face felony charges. what you are doing is a crime and i hope someone will get onto you sooner or later

    • we get fucked by this sick society everyday. We work for almost nothing. many of us have more than one jobs. We see how Paris Hilton jets around and buy anything she likes.But we small people have to be happy with what we got? fuck it. I want the same cool stuff. I want to give my son whatever he wishes. Not what the rich elite leaves rest for us.

      • Use a bottle opener to pull up the pin completely or enough for you to pull it out. I feel you, it’s not fair that the rich and famous are the only ones that enjoy luxury. I’ve been at this for about 5 years, and I’ve stolen more then 30,000 dollars worth of merchandise, but I do this sparingly. There are many ways to save money by shoplifting, such as going to the self checkout counter at the grocery, or carrying a bigger purse, having an empty shopping bag on hand, and always carrying my handy dandy bottle opener. As for round, triangular ink tags, like in forever 21, I use thick rubber bands and wrap them around the pin until the pin pops from the pressure. As for the ink, it’s very hard to trigger. I hope you’re able to get you and your boy the finer things you deserve. I think about it like this; I use my skills and intelligence and I work for the things I take. I work hard enough on a regular basis. What do famous people do all day? They sit and lounge on their asses. My point is made.

        • Anon/Unknown Hater

          11.07.14 at 3:53 PM

          Unknown X and anonymous … Some of the places you steal from are businesses owned by “mom/pop” business owners. The owners aren’t Paris Hilton, you douchebags. If you have a problem with famous people, steal from them — not random companies.

          • Señor Stalin

            08.04.15 at 5:38 AM

            Why do you assume he steals from “mom and pop” places? He never mentions anything about them. Assumptions lead to misunderstandings and disputes, dick wipe.

          • FuckYouBudy

            09.17.15 at 8:49 AM

            budy who gives a fuck who you steal from

        • Use foil tape or aluminum can for sensor

        • Is it to big of a risk to steal a shirt from pink ? I have a n54 neodymium magnet for the metal tags and I’m about to go to the mall with some friends but I can’t afford anything from there. Is it safe?

        • The rich get busted all the time for shoplifting
          Lol maybe they need to save their millions for the drugs and alcohol and their posh pads.

          • NotThatAnonymous

            07.13.17 at 12:20 PM

            Why do people poke fun at the rich? I don’t have millions in the bank but i’m wealthy enough, and I work hard for my money. So if you’re a good singer or whatever and you make good money why not indulge yourself. Stop getting pissed of because someone has more money then you.
            P.S I read through this and realised I come of as an asshole, sorry.

        • letsshoplift

          07.15.16 at 2:35 PM

          Shoplifting in the big store such as H&M, F21, P&B, ZARA, etc. is the right thing to do. You people that aren’t agreeing with shoplifting mus open your eyes to the factory that made those clothes. there is a movie named “The True Cost” that has a good explanation about this. People in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, and any other country that made the clothes, pay with very low cost, around $4-6 a month. and when it’s shipped to stores all over the world the price turn so high. On the other hand, the labor who made the clothes, make the clothes with their blood. their children cannot go to school, sick, got retardation because the toxic waste plant, etc. and the big company doing nothing to them, unless using their energy for making the company getting more and more profit. when the owner of the company or a model or celebrity who use the clothes, drink $5000 wine, the labor who made them rich drink toxic water. So I’m a researcher in India about this labor, IM FULLY SUPPORT SHOPLIFTING!

        • The ink tags you just put in the freezer when you get home. Once the ink is frozen solid, you can bust it without leaking anything.

        • Will the alarm go off if u remove the tags??? Or do they only go off when the chip leaves the store? Is there a fool proof way to remove them? I need new clothes. Im so tired having no money and in university not enough time to work enough to get the basics. Went to the mall today…a plain white t shirt at Aritzia was $75. Thats crazy. They make so much profit taking advantage of us and i feel a deserve to have nice clothes.

      • So how bout you get an actual decent paying job and work for some money. Maybe if you weren’t lazy and uneducated your child could have a parent who could afford nice things. It’s no one else’s fault you’re broke.

        • Señor Stalin

          08.04.15 at 5:31 AM

          Don’t you think he/she would do that if he could? You fucking rich people think low-pay jobs are easy? You’d blow you’re brains out one day in his/her shoes. You are quite the thoughtless asshole.

          • Im in university, my tuition alone is madness! I only have 2 days a week that i can work, its still not enoigh for rent, bills and food, let alone clothes. The amount of profit some of these chain retail stores make. They could give a fuck less if a few pieces of fabric go missing. The children who make them certainly dont get that profit. So yes i will help myself.

        • law school, costs a ton and that’s a pretty hefty education..some of those people can’t find work

        • You fucking prick. You can’t assume you know someone’s life douche bag.. You think it’s just that easy to get a good paying job and then everything’s fine.. Ignorant

          • Right??!!! People who have it all day oh just go get a better job. To the dipshit who said that. Your so ignorant. If it was so easy to get a better paying job do you think all these people who have lower paying jobs would be at those lower paying job. Fucking dumbass

        • Matthew Harris

          09.21.16 at 5:42 AM

          I would love that. I haave an MBA, 43 (went back to school 7 years ago to better my prospects). All it did was make me ssmarter, $91K in debt aand no “good job” prospects. Not being able to paay my loans has taken my credit from 722 to 538. Im not lazy, ready for work, clean record, oh and a white male with 3 kids and a wife. I struggle to pay basic living expenses, currently losing one of our vehicles, cant afford the Verizon bill I have which I need to drive strangers around in my family’s Camry for a rideshare company. Now Im down to loosing integrity by being on ssites like this considering ANY option to take care of my family. So, your comment is absolutely valid….so is my situation. If anyone reading this who can give a 43yr old white male with an MBA, veteran, and not so much as a speeding ticket a. “Real Position” where I can support my family with the basic life needs and the occasional nice things that every man worth his salt wants for his family…please email me!

          • Matthew Harris

            09.21.16 at 5:44 AM

            Forgive my spelling errors…my phone spits out multiple letters per press…it is not my lack of intelligence or competence

          • Nonurbuisness

            03.08.17 at 3:21 PM

            Can you grow a garden for food? Or move to area where theres jobs? Or just get food stamps and only shop at thrift stores like i do..I dont mind taking what i need from them bc its just donated crap anyway😆

        • Guess what rich Asshole not everyone has rich parents or a fucking job I’m a single mom not by choice husband cheated and left me for that whore.I can’t get a job well I could but I would make 7.25 the only jobs around here are the dollar store and walmart I know people with degrees that work at walmart bc there are no Damn jobs unless u count drug dealing!I’m on disability for bipolar couldn’t even hold down a job because of the voices and mood swings.I get paid $735 to live off a month and food stamps for $300 and $300 in child support I’m royally fucked and can’t even afford the basics let alone clothes.

          • You go girl, get what the fuck u can from these stores just be wise listen to the few things that I’ve spoken of in here you’ll be fine

      • Bill Bradford

        04.21.15 at 10:34 PM

        the world can be super unfair. It seems to me everyone is out to steal from you daily from the electric company overcharging you. To the restaurant not giving you the right order to cable company overcharging. insurance companies not paying , police over charging you for tickets, grocery stores not giving you sale prices the whole world is a thief. When i see these kind of people shoplifting I say do it as long as you don’t get caught but realize when you do get caught or if you do they really can screw your life up and not being able to get jobs especially into todays tech age they know everything you every done. So be careful grab what you can. Like Ted Nugent says “ITS A FREE FOR ALL”

      • Inspired

      • Amen to that! Fuck society! And the government’s that allow such segregation between classes. Why should some people work there whole bloody life and still have nothing, and then all these big stores, corporations etc be billionaires?

      • Exactly, i dont have a problem with department stores and what not… you are not hurting anybody, the average person cannot afford to buy items that are marked up 300 to 500%…we are hurting the employs my ass, who gives a fuck…these are billion dollar companies.

        • Yeah, if I can get something free, than why would I pay for an overpriced item with my hard earned money. I get satisfaction knowing that they won’t get a cent out of me. Would never to it to a small local business though. Its clear to me that the big billion dollar companies are profiting of our ignorance… so, yes I will help myself.

          • Thats what im talking about, good girl. Be careful and dont listen to half the crap people post on here, they are retarted…never ever fill a bag and go into the restroom or go talk to the pharmacist about anxiety. These punks dont know shit. Dress nice, walk with confidence try not to be nervouse…know what you want get it and get out and you will be fine.

    • Shut the fuck up. Why did you even go to this article.

      • Why did u come to this article?

      • Are u telling Me to shut the fuck up u bitch made piece of shit? Don’t get mad at me cuz you don’t know who steal and get on here and talk you’re lame ignorant fucking retarded ass shit

    • exactly

    • You are just a stupid fucking person

    • If you’re a cool and smart employee, you will know that catching shoplifters is not your prime responsibility. At most stores, you are technically not supposed to stop shoplifters because it’s not your job. Now for the ‘cool’ aspect of it, you will just act like you don’t see the person. Why get yourself involved in a petty shoplifting incident? It could be dangerous, and even though it is unlikely, the person could be armed. Why put yourself at risk? Society convinces us we get great deals on stuff, but that is simply false. Thet tell you that prices of things are high because of shoplifters, but that is also false. It’s beause of wealthy people whose paychecks are in the seven digits. If you want to steal from a HUGE corporation, GO AHEAD because you don’t make a difference in their sales. It hurts small businesses, and you should avoid stealing from them because they’re helpless. I have no problem with capitalism, but stealing is just a great way around it as a consumer. A pair of Oakley sunglasses can go for hundreds of dollars but more than likely cost under a dollar to manufacture.

      Some places make it sound like they will use physical force to prevent shoplifters, but they legally can’t; people are just not smart enough to realize that is a felony. It’s just America’s crummy justice system protecting the huge corporations over the people. Once you walk out of a store with stuff, you’re tecnhically free. If someone tries to stop you, sike; you’re already gone. Don’t go back to the store for awhile or maybe never because they will more than likely profile you to prepare for your next visit. People who get away with shoplifting are smart people because they’re a step ahead of society’s bullshit.

      • You can detain people with force when necessary. I’m not talking about assault. If you steal from me I will grab the bag (purse, shopping bag, jacket, etc.) and take it back. People will tell you can’t touch me but that is not true. I also know well before you leave if you are going to steal or not 9/10 and just have police stand by. We are smarter and have the high ground. I also love how people are trying to justify what they steal by saying people aren’t getting paid enough in other countries. If that’s the case your making them have to produce more (work harder) to obtain the same profit. It is only a matter of time before you are caught especially if you keep going to the same store.

        • Clothing companies that rip off the community for their products so they can pay Caleb’s / sports 7 figure sponsorship deals is the real rort. Manipulating youth to glamorise their products and over price items is the biggest crime. Good luck to those who get away with getting 1 up on the evil corporations.

    • Fuck you no one gives a fuck

    • You should not wish felony charges on someone. You shouldn’t wish bad things on anyone. That’s what’s terrible. Mind your fucking business! Don’t judge ppl on,their blogs or on what they do in their own life! You are negative and I’m sure nobody wants to hear it twit!

      • Your saying don’t judge people who take part in theft? Mind your own business? How about stay out of the business and don’t steal from them. If you stole out of nessesity that’s one thing. No one needs a $500 dress to survive. I will catch someone like you everyday then smile and laugh as you get cuffed and taken away. Enjoy your new ankle bracelet.

    • Lameeeeeee

    • And yet you searched this artical up…

    • Your a fucking idiot how does stealing from multi billion dollar capatilist companies effect employees. Omg if anything it makes the companies hire security workers creating more jobs.

    • First of all, before you get up on your high horse…we all know clothes at the mall are WAY too over priced. So, that leaves you what? 2 tshirts and maybe a pair of jeans? Or goodwill, but you could search for hours and not find anything without a hole or a stain. Second, broke teenagers could find this useful and not be sent to damn juvy which their parents in the long run will be made to pay for.
      3rd, its not a damn felony. i dont believe you know how our govt system works but you learn it in highschool. its a felony when you go over state borders. stealing is a petty crime which will be dealt with in the state you reside in.

    • It doesn’t hurt employees jobs, it hurts the greedy company’s profits so instead of making $14,000 a month off of stuff they paid a lot less for they only make $13,000. You really think that an $100 shirt from Anthopologie cost the company that much to buy it? Hell no, probably between 5-10 dollars if that. They wanna rip you off for the most profit possible, that’s how businesses work. Maybe Jane wants to turn the tide and rip them off for once.

    • Go suck a dick nigga

  5. This was really interesting! I’m just starting out, and I’m just paranoid about sensors. How common is the sensor on the cardboard? And how does she remove the tags? I’ve heard of using rubber bands or forks, I just don’t want to ruin my phone with the magnet!

    • Using wire cutters just wedge the tip in between the sensor and the item , wiggle them side to side and the round peice will pop off. If it doesn’t pop off loosen it enough so you can cut the metal peice holding the sensor together. I can usually get it apart without having to cut the metal and I reattach the sensor to another peice of clothing that I’m not gonna steal.

      • You can get aluminum foil tape from your local hardware store for heat and cooling ducts. It is not magnetic so you wrap around any sensor or line your purse with it and problem solved. Aluminum soda cans work in a pinch too. Put can over sensor and crush top so that it is completely enclosed. Large magnets nuetrilize the raised strip sensors. For ink sensors wrap in foil tape take home and use soldering gun to open the back of the plastic sensor and carully remove the locking pins

    • The rubber band works but it will make the ink tags leak so put a piece of fabric or something to soak the tiny tiny bit of ink that will come out.

  6. Would a 1×1″ size grade N52 magnet suffice?

  7. Shoplifting is a condition, like alcoholic, ppl feels power doing, most of the times don’t reali what they are doing

  8. Could you please answer this (?) How i can know that everything removed from the clothe some of that paper or plastic tags are hidden in some corner so how i can make sure that it is safe by passing the doors .. ?

    • AnonymousCommenter

      08.15.15 at 9:36 PM

      A trick i learned back in the day is if you wrap items with tags in tinfoil they will bypass the sensors, tinfoil blocks the reception.

      • I was wondering if this worked. I know about thief books with tinfoil lining. Would wrapping a video game with a protective case in tinfoil and put it in your waist of your pants work?

  9. Just curious, how do we know where to find HIDDEN security tag? I’ve heard that there are also hidden security tags that can be sewn within the seams.

  10. if you hated your job at Anthropologie so much why didn’t you just quit and find another job?

    • You think it’s that easy to “just quit”? Like wtf? Ppl usually don’t like their jobs but have to work to afford living. So most ppl can’t just quit unless they are that we’ll off that they can go without a job for however long it takes to get a new one.

  11. Ok I’m 13 and I have stolen gewlery from icing and forever 21 also some socks from aero…. That was about 2 weeks ago with my friends. They steal low stuff too… Now I’m stealing makeup from Walgreens like so far $100 worth. I pocket small things and go into the bathroom. There I remove all the tags and stuff… My friends think that barcodes will beep do they?

    • Nobody_Saw_Anything

      01.24.15 at 7:07 PM

      Sometimes. It really depends where you are. But a lot of stuff says security protected which is dumb but… Corporate chains are so….

    • Nobody_Saw_Anything

      01.24.15 at 7:08 PM

      I’m 13 too by the way.

      • Beauty's My Asset

        10.30.16 at 4:29 AM

        Don’t do it sweetheart, I first started at 13/14, My dad was a hustler and 1 of his customers was our, maid, I guess, she’s also do the shopping and I got whatever I wanted, I didn’t realize then that she pocketed a lot of the money and stole the stuff but I learned it from her, got caught @ that age too. I stopped for a while, years I’ll go without stealing, but I’ve never actually quit. and When I don’t steal, I think about it (in store) I’ve had misdemeanor’s and felonies, burglary, petty theft and then those “Hustler Felonies” that got me to “The Big Show” but it doesn’t feel good, only the first hour after stealing, sometimes I never even use the shit. but there’s issues with finding work and background checks, shame, and self perceptiveness, and self worth. Those are things, that you don’t want to doubt, wonder and feel. I’ve had so many police officer’s & correctional officer’s tell me I “don’t belong there (prison & county) and don’t look like the type of person to be doing that” looks and skill only get you so far. I would do really good in Loss Prevention, maybe you should try that out. It feels good to earn what you have, try and lessen the ‘Ol Sin Load, you know?..

    • I know for sure no makeup you grab from Walmart and so far in my experience Target also won’t set off any alarms.

    • No, the bar codes that are part of the item do not beep.

    • I personally work at walgreens and generally makeup items do not set off any sensors, they only will if they have a sticker somewhere on the package that says “electronically protected” or “this item is ONLY for sale at walgreens.” Other more expensive things (razors, tweezers and for some reason, fake nails) have them inside the package, so you would have to be careful about that.
      Also, there is often a register near the cosmetics area that doesnt have anyone working it. Right next to the computer underneath the counter there is a plate that deactivates the sensors. So if you really want to keep the package intact, put your item down and wander away, then come back and pick it up so it looks like you just didn’t want to hold it (there are cameras above the registers so you can’t be obvious there.
      If the sensor does go off on the way out, just keep walking, turn around, but just kinda shrug and leave because walgreens employees are trained to let them leave if its set off cause 75% of the time the sensors don’t deactivate.

  12. Do they ever go as far as to when they find the tags in other clothing ect to check the finger prints? I’ve always been curious about that.

    • Tasnim Islam

      08.22.15 at 6:20 PM

      No they don’t. Most stores don’t really give that much of a shit and even if the did the police wouldn’t do shit over a stolen piece of merchandise unless it was really worth it.

    • …Annnd The award for THE most retarded question,EVER!! ..goes to her disgruntled,weird uncle…

    • Wow, the level of stupidity in this post is astounding.

  13. I just tried shoplifting for the first time. I thought I would feel really guilty or feel a rush or something. I felt nothing. I am glad to have some new stuff I guess, but it does not feel any different than when I buy new stuff

  14. You don’t have to take the plastic sensors off in store. Its loud and difficult and if there is ink involved forget it. Buy foil tape from local hardware store wrap around any sensor and your good to go. Aluminum cans work great too putcan over sensor and poof its neutralized. Use soldering gun to back of plastic sensor cut a big section out and disable that way by removing pins etc. Much easier. Slip a tank top under another shirt same hanger for annoying counting dressing room clerks or get a shirt from good will with tags still on it or bring in a shirt of your own and act like your buying it and hang it up yourself. That way your purse doesn’t look any bigger

    • Tasnim Islam

      08.22.15 at 6:23 PM

      Ink is not a problem if you know how to remove it. The best way is to heat some milk in a bowl and then dip the part of the clothing with the ink on it and leave for a few hours or more. The ink will be weakened to the point where you can just apply some detergent to the affected area and rub and it will come off. If this does not work, some people swear by hairspray or even lighter fluid.

    • This is pitiful advice. Also, anthropologie has started hiding sensors in their tags. Have fun in jail, dumb bitches!

  15. They also have the sensors that are sewed into the clothing like on the inside tags. Ive found this at JCrew and a few other places. And when you are taking the security tags off you should have other items with you that you aren’t planning to steal so just attach the tags to the other clothes your leaving behind.

  16. theUnnamable69 .

    09.04.15 at 11:19 PM

    Video games and the computer is one of the most abundant life forms. However, you do not want to be disturbed around you when you are going to kill the Super Mario… ahh, the cold glass of video games you can find in this futuristic world… and playing video games on a big screen structure.

  17. How do you stuff things into your coat before going into the changing room at urban outfitters

  18. What kind of magnet did you use? And did it make a noise walking through the alarm towers?

  19. I dont get why you would come to this article, if you werent okay with steal, so just stay of this article if you would rather not steal some of us are not all rich and and some of us, are educated we just cant get a job!

  20. Where do you hide your tag after you finish use fitting room and did the staff when count how many cloth you will out fitting room?

  21. No the store owner or employees DO NOT PAY FOR ALL THE THINGS PEOPLE STEAL…..It’s called loss prevention we the people pay for that shit!!!!!That’s why we pay so much for groceries and clothes, diapers EVERYTHING. . So regardless of who steals what or where WE still have to pay for it . So steal on people cause one way or another we ALL pay the price anyhow…..

  22. Besides that all you have to do is line your purse with aluminum foil and the damn sensors font go off anyhow ….

  23. 14 year old guy

    05.16.16 at 8:57 PM

    What about stealing from like Dicks sporting goods or nike and stuff? If its a cardboard/paper tag can i just rip them off with my hands or do i have to like wrap them in foil and use pliers and shit??

    • I steal from dicks all the time. The little white thin sensors. Just rip them off and stick them somewhere else. Dicks is pretty hard to steal from, be really careful because most of the time there is 2 sensors on everything.

  24. 12 year old theif

    06.02.16 at 5:54 AM

    Hey I’m about to go to game stop later with my grandpa put I wanna steal a game but those white tags with the black lines are on them! Does anyone know how to get them off or get rid of them OR will putting tin foil over it work?

    • Beauty's My Asset

      10.30.16 at 4:38 AM

      Don’t steal with your Grandfather present, you dub dick! I’ve been busted and had my kids with me, it’s messed up to do that to family that loves you. effing selfish brat, I’ll always feel like a shitty mom.. never goes away :/

  25. clepto.from.tumblr

    06.17.16 at 5:15 PM

    some tips for stealing from target, jcpenny, sears and macys….
    at macys, jecpenny and sears (especially jcpenny) theres no cameras or workers waiting outside the fitting rooms, so usually what i do is grab a couple things i wanna steal and then grab a couple other random things, cover the stuff im stealing with the random items and go to the changing room to “try on” then just put back the random items and walk out. macys, jcpenny, target and sears all tend to have a decent selection of stuff without actual hard white tags on them.
    for target usually what i do is try to scope out the fitting rooms beforehand and find one with no workers. at my local target the childrens fitting room usually doesnt have any worker waiting, there are cameras but i do the same thing as before and grab random stuff and put what im taking in the middle.

  26. Karma is a bitch..u parasites of society

    • No such thing as karma or God or Santa clause dumb ass life is dog eat dog.survival of the fittest.when we die we are going to rot and feed the maggots.

  27. Came across this site randomly… first of all stealing from your work, is stealing from yourself. Most clothing is priced high to account for theft, clearance pricing, shipping, wages, over head etc…. you forget the truck driver who delivered those clothes has to get paid too… clothes don’t magically appear from china to the store. You’re hurting those employees paychecks the most. Hours and pay rate are largely based off of the days sales. When you have inventory shrink that means someone isn’t getting that raise…. YOU. You are responsible for your own shitty paycheck.

    • B.s. those greedy fuck would still only pay min wage if nobody stole fuck they probably would support lowering min wage.making as much as they can so fuck them they take what they want having slave wage workers.fuck the slave masters.

  28. Came across this site randomly… first of all stealing from your work, is stealing from yourself. Most clothing is priced to account for theft, clearance pricing, shipping, wages, over head etc…. you forget the truck driver who delivered those clothes has to get paid too… clothes don’t magically appear from china to the store. You’re hurting those employees paychecks the most. Hours and pay rate are largely based off of the days sales. When you have inventory shrink that means someone isn’t getting that raise…. YOU. You are responsible for your own shitty paycheck.

  29. I know there’s a bunch of babies who kiss ass and think they are too good to steal, but when you live in such a big family and struggle to even eat once a day, stealing really isn’t the worse thing in the world. I have become numb to feeling bad or guilty for doing what I do. Hell, people on welfare are far worse. They get fucking free steaks, pizza, soda, chips, ice cream, deli food, etc… WHILE sometimes also recieving cash assistance. So all these little bitches saying shit like “ohh shame on you”, “I hope you get caught”, or “if you steal from me I will stop you ’cause I’m a wannabe badass” can sit the fuck down and just know we do it and get away with it ALL the time and have a hard time getting caught because people suck ass at their little AP jobs. ANYways, if you’re in need of food or hygiene products, learn and take notes from someone who does this often. Just a heads up- this will be VERY lengthy.

    Walmart’s alarms go off mainly for electronics. No food (whether boxed, cold, frozen, canned, bulked, etc…) sets off their alarms. Neither does stuff with barcodes printed on the actual product (laundry detergent, dish soap, cleaning products, etc…), paper products, makeup, health and beauty products (tampons, shampoo, conditioner, deoderant, etc…), and other misc stuff such as candles, car-related items like fluids and such, and so on (again- none of the listed items do NOT set alarms off). When it comes to clothes, I honestly can’t say because I have always taken the tags off as a security measure. It’s quick to do as they are cheaply made. I personally don’t believe they wouldn’t set off the alarms but for the time being I’m not gonna take the risk. If you want to experiment and see though, actually buy stuff and “accidentally forget” to ring up a tagged piece of clothing. If you walk out and the alarms sound, just turn around and walk to the nearest employee and play dumb/stressed. For example if you are near a door greeter and the alarm goes off, they will most likely stop you because that is partially their job (unless you’re already out the door). Turn to them very quickly and act confused/frazzled. They will find what went off and when they do, act like you have a lot on your mind, apologize a few times and make your way to a register. Don’t ever be obvious and roll your eyes or shit like that. Play it cool. If you walk out and -don’t- set the alarms off, you’re golden and good to go.
    Like I previously mentioned, electronics will almost certainly (I would say a 95% chance) sound the alarms. This is coming from my knowledge and experience as working as a cashier there for years. Movies, games, gaming accessories, computers, keyboards, etc would have a very high chance of going off. If I had to guess, small things like the earbuds that are under $10 and other accessories under $15 wouldn’t set them off, but don’t take a chance on what I say. If curious, you can experiment like with the clothing. I can’t give any advice as to removing/deactivating the sensors, so please don’t ask. Lastly, before moving on, if you want movies, I suggest getting Vudu, because many movies come with the codes on the paper to get free digital copies. My boyfriend handles the movies, but hasn’t quite mastered it yet. I told him to take a tack or small knife with him to cut open the bottom and slip the paper out, so we’ll see how that goes. Anywho if you want free HD movies, that’s a way to go. Be wary though, sometimes the electronics section is watched over like a hawk. Especially around the holidays.
    Now, moving onto the behavioral aspect. The number one rule is don’t be obvious. If you act like you have something to hide, you most likely do. Play it cool. Be quick and try to go in knowing what you need and/or want. In my experience, the longer you take, the more you will raise eyebrows. Especially if you’re clearly not buying anything or don’t have anything in your cart after like 30 minutes. I have recently started bulking up my carts to make it look like I am shopping to trick the employees into thinking I’m harmless. So be quick, quiet, and chill (as in don’t look around all nervously because that is a sign of guilt.
    Rule two is don’t be greedy. If you stuff your bag to the point of where it is bulky and full looking, trust me, you WILL stand out and people will flag you and start watching you every time you come in. A while back I got greedy while ‘shopping’ at Dollar Tree (they have absolutely zero sensors and usually the employees don’t give a shit about the merch), and I made the stupid mistake of going to a register to buy some soap so I wouldn’t look obvious that I was just in there to steal, but the cashier looked at my huge ass purse and was like “is this all for you today…?” and after saying yes he shook his head. I stopped going ever since. So take it from me, it’s tempting to stuff your bag full of shit, but it’s better to take a few things and make multiple trips. Just remember your record is more important than material things.
    Third rule is most important. Stop, drop, and roll on up outta wherever you are. Clarification- if you are stealing and feel eyes on you or if you notice you are seeing one person a feeew too many times, chances are that person is an AP (Asset Protection) worker and is waiting to physically witness you stealing so they CAN stop you at the door, so you need to stop stealing, go to the bathroom in the back if there is one, and drop all the stolen shit in a trash can or anywhere else that isn’t in plain sight. As long as it’s not on you as you exit, they can’t say or do shit except continue watch on you. If this happens, stop doing it at that location and move onto somewhere else. If you make one mistake and act like nothing will happen, you will go down fast.

    I just recently started stealing from Target. It’s very easy, and from what I can tell, their security is looser and more light than Walmart’s (weird, right?) I have mainly gone for Christmas stuff for my sister’s baby and daughter. The tags on the clothing definitely take more of an effort to rip off but it is worth it. The quality is much nicer. And no there aren’t those plastic security devices on them, as far as I know. I am planning on going back to get stuff for my mom so maybe more expensive clothing will have them. Not sure. I haven’t had any problems with watchful eyes or lurkers (AP). I haven’t tried taking anything else (like food, paper goods, housewares, cleaners, etc…) so I don’t really know what sets off their alarms.

    None of these stores have alarms! Have fun, take what you need, and just leave. If you have a baby, bring a diaper bag and go to town. If you wanna buy stuff even after stealing, go ahead BUT make sure your bag/purse is not stuffed! Also don’t do it too much because people will start to notice any person who comes in constantly and never buys anything but leaves with a slightly bulkier purse than when coming in.

    That is my knowledge on these stores, and everything I’ve said is up to date (as in I have gotten over probably $600 worth of merch this month for Christmas gifts alone). If this has helped anybody, you are welcome. If this hasn’t, that’s impossible because there is always something new to learn, especially on this subject. If this has pissed you off or made you butthurt, I don’t give a shit.

    Have fun and don’t get caught! Oh, and something extra. For Walmart- if you have major grocery shopping to do (like you need toilet paper and paper towels and soda), go through self checkout so you can get all or at least 2/3 of these items free (be sure to pick nice ass brands!) Make sure the attendant isn’t watching too closely as you do this, and if you feel like they are cautious of you, call them over, apologize, and tell them you thought those items were on sale or cheaper. Follow these steps because some people don’t know how these machines work and will make them alert the attendants if something is off.
    1. Make sure big stuff is on the bottom of your cart (like the paper goods and/or big case of coke or whatever) BEFORE going to checkout.
    2. Scan one item at a time. When you scan something, put it in the bag and watch for the green light. [[Don’t overstuff any bags because you wanna bulk up your cart to make it look like you legitimately bought everything! IMPORTANT- as soon as one bag is ‘full’ ( one to two items), remove it, place it in your cart, and wait for the red light to turn green. If you move the bags around on the scale (the silver platform), you will not only throw off what you’re doing, but the attendant will be notified and it might cause them to watch over you!!!]]
    3. Scan maybe half to 3/4 your stuff (depending on your budget) and just fake out bulking your cart as previously mentioned. Push the rest of the food you don’t have money for or don’t wanna buy to the center of the cart. [[Think of stuff that people typically don’t want bagged like family sized boxes of cereal, gallons of milk, large ass thing of eggs, etc!]]
    4. Try to pay as soon as the attendant is notified for someone else’s self checkout, then walk away WITH reciept IN HAND. Also make sure no other customer is watching, because they will blab. Try to get the machine furthest away from the line of waiting customers. You do all this right and you will walk out saving anywhere from $20-$100, if not more. I have gotten $30 of stuff and saved $50-$70 multiple times. Just be smart about it. I have never been stopped once for doing this and I don’t imagine anyone would ever say something because no one has the time to look through a reciept of food items. So trust me you’ll be in the clear if you don’t fuck up!


    • Great advice! And thank you for taking the time to type that comment. I hope all those up tight bitches can go suck a dick :)

    • Thrift stores are also an absolute fucking free-for-all, although I usually take it easy on them since they’re trying to raise money for endangered purple penguins or some shit. At the thrift store chains in my city, half of the people working there are trying to earn community service hours for probation so they’re fucking degenerates, too. What the fuck are they going to say? They’re practically fucking rooting for you. And in the larger ones, there’s shit everywhere…the fucking dressing rooms have no locks and are piled full of shit people left behind. No inventory control whatsoever. Two fucking cameras in the whole place that lead to an empty office where you can actually see the 30-year-old fuzzy black and white monitors on your way to the loo. The employees who are being paid are making fucking eight bucks an hour and have to zone off into la-la-land in order to make it through their fucking shift without shoving the nearest second-hand grill skewer through their fucking eyeballs. I would seriously wager money that I could walk out of one of the larger ones in my city with a fucking shopping cart full of shit, push it out to my car, realize I forgot a few things, push that fucker back inside, put more shit in it, push it back to my car, and no one would say a fucking word to me. The best part is they almost fucking want you to steal. When things take too long to sell, their apathetic employees have to go through and take all that shit back down. It’s honestly fucking comical. Except for the endangered purple penguins. That’s some serious shit.

      • Thank you for your awesome post. I’m a newbie… I really learned a lot from your expertise. As well as… I laughed my ass off!

  30. I have started small i go into the changing room with a pair of socks and some clothes on top of it i try on the socks and then i look in the miror and i look at how i look and if i like it i take them off and put it in my pockets. The kind of socks i mostly steal are nike elite socks more specifically nike elite versatility socks because there really comfortable and i like how they look. It is really easy to steal socks

  31. ayy yo yo

  32. To all you rich people,

    Don’t just assume that we steal because we’re poor, and that we’re poor because we’re too lazy to work for money.

    Do you even know what it’s like to watch all the other girls flaunting their fancy clothes and phones and other expensive shit while you’re stuck with your second hand sweaters and

  33. I almost got sent to jail for shoplifting and I’m twelve. I can no longer leave by myself, so how do I find time away from my family to steal?

  34. Unknownmate

    06.12.17 at 7:33 AM

    USB’s and library book barcodes set off sensors when leaving stores, carry one with you so if by accident u set them off and get asked why u have a valid excuse :)

  35. I’ve only stolen once when I think about it, it was at Kohls’s, which if you’re wanting clothes is hard to do cause they have the ink sensors on everything so forget about that shit, not even worth dealing with it. But the jewelry is pretty easy to steal, especially the earrings cause they’re just held to the little paper/plastic plate by the backs. All I did is act like I was looking at different pairs, then discreetly slipped the backs off the earring plate and let them drop to the ground. They’re so small they don’t make any noise when they hit he floor. Then tip the plastic plate forward so the earrings fall out into your hand. Provided they are kinda small earrings nothing huge, conceal them in your hand by folding a couple fingers towards your palm to keep the earrings in your hand. MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING A SWEATSHIRT/SHIRT WITH POCKETS. Once you’ve got the earrings secured in your hand, act like you are reaching into your pocket for your phone. While “reaching for it”, drop the earrings into your pocket and grab your phone in one swift motion, then proceed to text or pretend to answer a call so you’re not suspicious and it looks like there was a legitimate reason you went to grab your phone. I stole a $45 pair of earrings this way and didn’t raise any suspicion whatsoever

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